A Rainy Sunday Before Hogg Wild

After some technical glitch caused there to be an incomplete video service, we got together this morning anticipating clear weather…But God had a different and better plan! Rain! So we asked for volunteers to get the electronics into the trailer…and had an assist by Andy “DJ Pink” Trusty with the use of his sound system on short notice. Also we saw that perhaps God wanted each of us to experience someone we hadn’t met before by crowding us in under the rain shelter and squeezing us in with people we hadn’t sat next to before.

As we sang a-ca-paella, Mark and DJ Pink set up the sound system for teaching and announcements. The wind blew…the rain fell and God sent out His message through Pastor Bob and Pastor me….

I know we had some people who will be tuning in from San Salvador, Costa Rica, Spain, Melbourne (Fla) and New York as Reach Archie’s grows into Reach International through the miracle of Video and the gift of Rick and Patty Hills.

Please be in prayer about your personal faith and what you truly believe in the heart level as to not only WHO you are but WHOSE you are!

May God speak clearly to your heart and grow you exponentially this week.

Pastor Dave