Coming Soon

Construction Underway

So, we’re still working on getting the site together. I’m excited to be learning how to do this and excited about where REACH is going in the future. It’s our vision of reaching not only our seasonal attenders when they are visiting their northern homes, but also to REACH the World with the Good News of the Gospel in plain English. It’s my prayer that the world will see the vision and support us in the mission of healing and rebuilding families as God heals and rebuilds lives which have been affected by not only alcohol and drugs, but also the dis-ease of manipulation, control, rage and codependency. In a phrase…Life Issues, Issues of the flesh and it’s natural desire to be in control.

My prayer is that God would heal others through the love of Christ as individuals begin to believe the truth of the Gospel. You are loved, unconditionally. You are accepted, just as you are…but God loves you enough to not leave you that way. You are important in God’s plan. you have a purpose that He will reveal. You are adequate in ministry.

May God begin a work in your heart that brings you from “being ministered to” to “being a minister to”