Jail Ministry

Pastor Dave is an Auxiliary Chaplain with the St Lucie Sheriff’s Office and offers up special visitation with inmates upon request made by the inmate population through the kiosk as directed through Chaplain’s Office.

In the beginning we had offered Alpha Ministry Teaching as well as occasionally offered the Boundaries DVD series. We used to be able able to bring in materials for personal growth such as Bibles, Christian Concert DVDs, Nooma Videos and Encouraging Movies on DVD, as well as CDs with music, 12 Step Recovery lessons by “Joe and Charlie” and a case of books entitled “The Shack”

Pastor Dave occasions the local jail with international evangelist Pontus J. Back and his son Sebastian. Dave also does a yearly “Santa” visitation during the S. O.’s Holiday Care Package campaign organized through the Chaplain’s office which brings special treats and hope in the Holiday season.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry that offers a New Direction to inmates before they are released back into the community. Pray for their Spiritual Maturing and clarity.