New Year – New Beginnings

Well, we’re 3 weeks into the new year and things are starting to happen.

Here’s how God works…I met with a couple yesterday, Rick and Patty Hills, who are interested in handling the Video Production of the services. Our Web Guy, Dale Woodruff came to the meeting to see what we may need to do as far as the web site goes. Rick Hills and I had spoken briefly about a month ago and he handed me their telephone number on a card with the note, “We are ready to serve” written on the back. He said they were experienced at video production and offered to be of service.

In my mind, I knew I was going to call them, but I had no idea where the equipment was going to come from, how to even shop for the equipment and where the funds to get the equipment necesary to make a professional video would come from. So I delayed doing so.

It seems that God has called them to this ministry and they have their own equipment! They said thay prayed abouit where they could be of service and God showed them our ministry at Archie’s. They have a desire to train cameramen and to engineer the production from front to back. We will not only be able to offer a live streaming video feed, but we will be able to archive the events in video format on the web site AND have the ability to burn dvd copies of the sermons and services!

This has been a prayer and focus of mine for the past 6 to 8 months and I’ve been wondering so many things. (How much are cameras? Where can I find people with the skills to make a professional end product? Who do I ask to volunteer? How do I do the editing?)

All of these questions have been running around in my mind and I’ve offered up in prayer. Yesterday…God made a way where I could not see a way!!! Praise God for His awesomeness!

So…THIS Sunday you will see much more equipment being set in place. We will be pulling together volunteers who are wishing to be cameramen and or “grips”. (Grips, will see to it that cords are moved and people don’t trip or get tangled up in the wiring.) I have called a few individuals who expressed a desire to be “of service” and the production will be underway!

When all of this came about, I cannot tell you how filled with awe I was. I felt tears of joy well up behind my eyes and was truly blessed with God’s ability to provide ABOVE and BEYOND my vision and scope.


Be Blessed! Dave