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Like a Child…

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Like a Child…

Through the past few weeks of study and teaching, I have been impressed through the spirit, that while it is good to have a foundation of faith, it is much more important that we BUILD on that foundation. While speaking on Matthew 18 part 1, I began to see a different message within the “As A Child” contemporary message.

Fist, Jesus draws the child to him after the disciples ask, :Who will be the greatest in the kingdom.” As they were young in their faith, they do as so many of us have; seeking a leadership position without having grown into the leader by faith. We try to use our worldly fleshly wisdom to make a place for ourselves within the church, but God says, “Come to me as a child.” In other words, be reborn, and start over. My late, great friend Denis Ohlrich, shared a scenario that went something like this, “Before you go out and ride the bicycle…UNLEARN it…then, start over!”

Imagine how difficult that would be. How does one unlearn something that has become common place to them? This is what Jesus was saying…stop doing it the way you have always done, by YOUR experience, but let me lead. Allow MY spirit to guide you, and come to me innocently and trusting like a child. You are not spiritually mature enough as a new believer.

Then it occurred to me that there are many, many believers who do have the foundation of faith, but even though they have been “doing all the right things” within the church, they have been doing it with their own strength, and have not necessarily been lead and guided by God in their doings. Over time they become steeped in their “self” righteousness and begin teaching their traditions as doctrine. They ultimately end up frustrated, and begin to judge others…because it is easier than looking into their own troubles and seeing the truth. The life of grace is about being lead and guided by the spirit of God within you, and laying down your own agenda.

Back to the foundation! It is a great thing to KNOW that God loves you…to have a foundation. But if one spends their life rejoicing and dancing around on their foundation, rather than building on it, then when the storms come, they are blown about with no strength in the structure to secure them. When the sun beats down on that happy dancer…their skin burns due to the exposure. The foundation is a starting point on which one is to build. Not because we HAVE to, but because God allows us and desires us to…build on the foundation. Receiving the milk, Gods love, nourishes us…but the point of nourishment is to create growth…growth into a mature believer. A mature believer is the one who is lead moment by moment by the inner voice of God, who will exemplify the love of Christ to others. One who has a firm structure of protection which has been built on the foundation of Christ, so that when the storms come, (And they will come), the protection of faith is already in place, so that one may weather the storm with peace and confidence.

May God encourage you to build on your foundation as you trust him as a child and become innocent enough again to seek His wisdom and guidance.

Updates to site!!!!

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Just spent several hours in learning to use this site. Hope more people will come by and SIGN the GUEST BOOK! Also…looks like Bob is going to begin a regular blogging. I’m thinking I may begin to blog as well…probably in regard to the Sunday Message from each week.

Also I think I need to upload the inside of the bulletins…and look forward to trying to do that…

We have secured the Members Directory Page with a password….in order to secure the info between members….Please ask me or pastor bob for the password and please limit sharing to other regular members.

I feel like I’m starting school all over again with this technical learning curve…pray for me!

April Fools?!? Easter Blessings!

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April Fools?!? Easter Blessings!

Had another GREAT turn out for services this past Sunday at Archie’s. This keeping up with technology is always a challenge for me, but I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it. Still trying to figure out how toadd a Guestbook to the site so we can have some visitor banter and comments.

Our web guy has been on the road, and we send out traveling mercies and protective angels to guard and protect him on his journeys. Pastor Bob had some kudos expressed by several of the congregation as he settles in to a nice rythym in his delivery and approach, making the messgae his as God leads. Great Job Bob!

The Video crew ended up a bit slim this week so we recruited this week (George Mac Arthur) and asked a few people to jump on board with Rick and Patty Hills as volunteers for future Sundays. We can alway s use some folk who are willing to commit in service in the following ares…Parking attendants, video team, Harvet Food Volunteers (See Camille O), Community Work Force (See Randy B.), Home Group Studies are always welcome if you feel led to start a home study, just let us know so we can promote it.

Prayer Team…as usual had another list of needs presented and some more Praise reports as we send out prayer requests to more than 1500 people who are committed to pray for presented needs!

Jail Ministry is going strong at St Lucie County Jail with John T. Danny H. and Pastor Dave as they teach and process through The Alpha Series in The Spiritual Dorm.

Pastors Dave and Bob are working hard in the continued pursuit of a higher education.

Your Prayers and support are always welcome.

God Bless.

Record Attendance & Other Happenings!

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Record Attendance & Other Happenings!

Record Attendance and Happenings Galore!

What an awesome day of praise, worship and excitement! This past Sunday we topped 400 people in attendance on the “Patty-O” Deck at Archie’s. REACH presented Patty McGee with a gift…she’s a statue of a blonde surfer girl we can use as an information station and offering stand on Sundays and Archie’s will have around for menus and other info through the week.

We also had 9 of our members spend the day Saturday in Okeechobee (Yes…that’s a real name of a city in Florida) with the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief people to get certified as Disaster Relief volunteers. We encouraged others to go to one of the future training days in either Jacksonville or Tampa…to help further build the Disaster Relief team from REACH Archie’s.  for more info check out

As we look forward to celebrating easter with not only a 6:30 am Sunrise service, but also our regular 9 am service, we are giving a message in regard to Jesus and His mission from God. Please feel free to share our site with your friends and family.

Let us know if you’re “tuning in” from afar…when and where so we can let the rest of the family know!

God Bless!



A Rainy Sunday Before Hogg Wild

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After some technical glitch caused there to be an incomplete video service, we got together this morning anticipating clear weather…But God had a different and better plan! Rain! So we asked for volunteers to get the electronics into the trailer…and had an assist by Andy “DJ Pink” Trusty with the use of his sound system on short notice. Also we saw that perhaps God wanted each of us to experience someone we hadn’t met before by crowding us in under the rain shelter and squeezing us in with people we hadn’t sat next to before.

As we sang a-ca-paella, Mark and DJ Pink set up the sound system for teaching and announcements. The wind blew…the rain fell and God sent out His message through Pastor Bob and Pastor me….

I know we had some people who will be tuning in from San Salvador, Costa Rica, Spain, Melbourne (Fla) and New York as Reach Archie’s grows into Reach International through the miracle of Video and the gift of Rick and Patty Hills.

Please be in prayer about your personal faith and what you truly believe in the heart level as to not only WHO you are but WHOSE you are!

May God speak clearly to your heart and grow you exponentially this week.

Pastor Dave

New Year – New Beginnings

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New Year – New Beginnings

Well, we’re 3 weeks into the new year and things are starting to happen.

Here’s how God works…I met with a couple yesterday, Rick and Patty Hills, who are interested in handling the Video Production of the services. Our Web Guy, Dale Woodruff came to the meeting to see what we may need to do as far as the web site goes. Rick Hills and I had spoken briefly about a month ago and he handed me their telephone number on a card with the note, “We are ready to serve” written on the back. He said they were experienced at video production and offered to be of service.

In my mind, I knew I was going to call them, but I had no idea where the equipment was going to come from, how to even shop for the equipment and where the funds to get the equipment necesary to make a professional video would come from. So I delayed doing so.

It seems that God has called them to this ministry and they have their own equipment! They said thay prayed abouit where they could be of service and God showed them our ministry at Archie’s. They have a desire to train cameramen and to engineer the production from front to back. We will not only be able to offer a live streaming video feed, but we will be able to archive the events in video format on the web site AND have the ability to burn dvd copies of the sermons and services!

This has been a prayer and focus of mine for the past 6 to 8 months and I’ve been wondering so many things. (How much are cameras? Where can I find people with the skills to make a professional end product? Who do I ask to volunteer? How do I do the editing?)

All of these questions have been running around in my mind and I’ve offered up in prayer. Yesterday…God made a way where I could not see a way!!! Praise God for His awesomeness!

So…THIS Sunday you will see much more equipment being set in place. We will be pulling together volunteers who are wishing to be cameramen and or “grips”. (Grips, will see to it that cords are moved and people don’t trip or get tangled up in the wiring.) I have called a few individuals who expressed a desire to be “of service” and the production will be underway!

When all of this came about, I cannot tell you how filled with awe I was. I felt tears of joy well up behind my eyes and was truly blessed with God’s ability to provide ABOVE and BEYOND my vision and scope.


Be Blessed! Dave

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!


Wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and most Blessed New Year. We are working on bringing new information to the web site, so please continue to get in the habit of checking in on a regular basis. If you see achange you like, let us know in the comments/guest book. If you have enjoyed a particular service or class please share your experiences that others may be encouraged to grow in their faith.

God Bless you and assure you you are His workmanship.


Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

Construction Underway

So, we’re still working on getting the site together. I’m excited to be learning how to do this and excited about where REACH is going in the future. It’s our vision of reaching not only our seasonal attenders when they are visiting their northern homes, but also to REACH the World with the Good News of the Gospel in plain English. It’s my prayer that the world will see the vision and support us in the mission of healing and rebuilding families as God heals and rebuilds lives which have been affected by not only alcohol and drugs, but also the dis-ease of manipulation, control, rage and codependency. In a phrase…Life Issues, Issues of the flesh and it’s natural desire to be in control.

My prayer is that God would heal others through the love of Christ as individuals begin to believe the truth of the Gospel. You are loved, unconditionally. You are accepted, just as you are…but God loves you enough to not leave you that way. You are important in God’s plan. you have a purpose that He will reveal. You are adequate in ministry.

May God begin a work in your heart that brings you from “being ministered to” to “being a minister to”


A Quick Note from Pastor Dave

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A Quick Note from Pastor Dave

Our New Web Site


Just setting up the new web site. Please be sure to check back as I learn to add more features, we’ll have more fun and information as we go along. When the guestbook becomes active, please be sure to share some of your experiences with our other visitors.

We’re excited about some volunteers who have stepped forward to video tape our services to REACH the WORLD through modern technology!

Feel free to share our site with all of your friends!

Remember…You are God’s beloved child in whom He is WELL Pleased!